Brand Hijack: Marketing Without Marketing

brand hi·jack (br?and h? ¯-j?akÂ'): consumer takeover (synonym).The consumerÂ's act of commandeering a brand from the marketing professionals and driving its evolution. Out of nowhere, a brand like Red Bull, The Blair Witch Project, or even the Howard Dean campaign takes off with little or no conventional marketing. How do these “accidents” really happen, and why do they ultimately succeed or fail? Welcome to marketing without marketing: the emergence of the hijacked brand. DonÂ't let the all- too-clever subtitle fool you. Far from representing the absence of marketing, this book describes the most complex sort of marketing possible, as well as the least understood. Brand Hijack offers a practical how-to guide to marketing that finally engages the marketplace. It presents an alternative to conventional marketing wisdom, one that addresses such industry crises as media saturation, consumer evolution, and the erosion of image marketing. BACKCOVER: “Alex Wipperfürth comes from the same zone that trend-starters and iconoclasts come from: the (slightly lunatic) fringe.The ideas in Brand Hijack are stern stuff and not for the fainthearted. But they work, which is more than you can say for perhaps 90 percent of marketing communications.” —John Grant “Mr Wipperfu¨rth makes an intriguing case for abandoning traditional techniques.” —Stefan Stern, Financial Times “This is not your ordinary marketing manual. With casual humor and a laid-back tone, Wipperfürth . . . offers a glimpse into AmericaÂ's consumer- and ad-driven culture.” —Publishers Weekly “Brand Hijack is a smart…argument for letting customers define a brand.” —Fast Company

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Book Title: Brand Hijack: Marketing Without Marketing

Book Author: Alex Wipperfurth

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ISBN: 1591841402