Degloved: Every Scar has a Story

When the red Fiat pulled out in front of Adelaide, she squeezed her bike's brakes so hard that she left 50-foot skid marks along the highway. The last thing she remembers is being lifted into the ambulance and someone saying, "Her face is peeled off."Following an horrific crash between her bicycle and a car, Adelaide Perr spent five days in a medically-induced coma, during which time surgeons picked glass from her face, reconstructed bones and inserted a stomach tube. She spent another six days unable to talk, at times gasping for air, enduring leech treatments to keep her necrotizing lip alive, and fearing a crippling bipolar episode. Without knowing what neurological damage or permanent disfigurement she'd be left with, her boyfriend Kennett proposed to Adelaide daily in the hospital, until she became conscious. Her recovery would extend far beyond the hospital and the visible physical injuries.DEGLOVED is about perseverance as well as failure, written to give hope to those living with mental illness, and anyone who has had a traumatic event thrust upon them, which threatened to destroy their lives.

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Book Title: Degloved: Every Scar has a Story

Book Author: Adelaide Perr

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ISBN: 1913615057