Scrum Master: Exam Guide and Certification Preparation

More and more companies are using Scrum for agile project management."One of the best new Knowledge books" - BookAuthorityFollow this trend and improve your career prospects. Buy this book and learn for the Scrum Master certification.If you want to prepare for the Scrum Master certification the content of this book will help you. It imparts the knowledge needed to pass the certification with first try because these questions can also appear in your exam. All questions and explanations are based on the current Scrum Guide from November 2020.There are several questions including answers and the explanation to every Scrum topic. Furthermore, you will have a short guide how to prepare best for your exam certification. Additionally, you will have a sample exam at the end of this book so that you can already train your strategy for the real exam.Advantages:better projects and quality resultsfaster implementation of projectsfaster inspection and adaption of problemshigher employee motivation through self-responsible workDo not hesitate, start now!

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Book Title: Scrum Master: Exam Guide and Certification Preparation

Book Author: André Dieninghoff

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ISBN: 1796766380