Handbook of Research on Identity Theory in Marketing (Research Handbooks in Business and Management)

The Handbook of Research on Identity Theory in Marketing features cutting-edge research that delves into the origins and consequences of identity loyalty and organizes these insights around five basic identity principles that span nearly every consumer marketing subdomain. The Handbook explores [1] what makes an identity come to mind [2] what creates strong associations between identities and products [3] how consumers use brands to verify who they are or want to become [4] how consumption enhances or resolves conflict amongst identities and [5] how marketing and consumption becomes particularly relevant to particular identities. Each of these five principles are fully analyzed by a who's who of world-class international marketing scholars. This Handbook is a comprehensive and state of the art treatment of identity and marketing: An authoritative and practical guide for academics, brand managers, marketers, public policy advocates and even intellectually curious consumers. Contributors include: J. Angle, K. Aquino, J.J. Argo, A. Barasch, D.A. Briley, L.N. Chaplin, S. Chen, N.V. Coleman, S. Connors, S.W. Dagogo-Jack, D.W. Dahl, S. Danziger, K.G. DeMarree, K. Diehl, S.L. Dommer, L. Dunn, K.M. Durante, J. Edson Escalas, I. Gallo, T. Gaustad, M. Graso, L. Grewal, V. Griskevicius, G.R. Henderson, T. Hill, K.C. Husemann, G.V. Johar, A.C. Jones, K. Jung, K.L. Kettle, C. Lamberton, J. Laran, C. Lelchuk, E. Leung, T.M. Lowrey, B. McFerran, R. Mehta, A.C. Morales, H. Nikolova, E. Ok, J.G. Olson, G. Paolacci, A.W. Perkins, S. Puntoni, T. Rank-Christman, R. Scott, J. Shang, L.J. Shrum, B. Simpson, K. Spangenberg, A.T. Stephen, L. Weiss, S.C. Wheeler, K. White, K. Wilcox, K.P. Winterich, L. Xu, G. Zauberman,

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Book Title: Handbook of Research on Identity Theory in Marketing (Research Handbooks in Business and Management)

Book Author: Americus Reed,Mark Forehand

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ISBN: 1788117727